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Agility of CyberZeus

Today battleground strategy against an enemy has leaped with the advancement in internet technologies. Since the advent of computers & information technology, huge data is transferred online for robust action to provide ease for the people. Large-scale corporations and state-backed agencies have created a breed of new sophisticated hackers, making cyberattacks over critical infrastructure more often than in the past. Most of the cybersecurity software are not agile enough to detect the intrusion by the time it happens, so the damage caused by the cyber-attack becomes irreparable. CyberZeus have created technologies not only to detect but protection and response against threats present

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Hacked Organizational Reputation is Disrupt

One of the leading apparel online stores based in the U.S. was a recent victim of a cyberattack, the attack led by hackers damaged the privacy of customer credentials and the loss of reputation has opened a new front of challenges for the organization. The problem was accessed carefully by Cyberzeus,Inc and the results were shocking to the CEO of the organization. Sluggishness of cybersecurity software with no intrusion detection technique makes that company suffered financially and emotionally. Cyberzeus cybersecurity team briefed the victim on certification of Control Frameworks (NIST 800-53; CIS Controls), Program Frameworks (ISO 27001 NIST and CSF), and Risk Frameworks (NIST 800-39, 800-37, 800-30; ISO 27005; FAIR). The void was filled by CyberZeus Corporation, Inc, Technologies.

CyberZeus Advanced Technologies Insight

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Societies in the age of the Internet are not considered safe when the resilience of critical infrastructure is comprised such as IT infrastructure that lead to a collapse of entire systems. The most critical infrastructures interdepend on each other through internets, policies, or direct proximity. Research conducted on critical infrastructures suggests that without state-of-the-art protection of a infrastructure, it leads to compromise.

Web Application Protection

CyberZeus Shield provides state-of-the-art technologies to protect against threat actors, malware, viruses, spyware and other malicious threats. It protects Web and Web Application as Man-In-The-Middle attack, protecting against any unknown to known exploits

CyberZeus Technologies Against Threat Actors

Infrastructures are considered a risk multiplier, these interactions threaten cybersecurity and lead to cascading failure if left unattended for cybersecurity inspection. Advanced infrastructure and system design, response reconstitution, understanding of ever-changing threats, implementation of detection, and sensing system for insider threat could help reduce the losses in the future. Companies utilizing Cyberzeus Corporation, Inc solutions can receive timely threat intelligence derived from cyber anomalies, saving the collapse of entire systems when one of the constituent infrastructures malfunctions. These solutions ensure early warning of attacks to save an organization’s complete technology infrastructure. CyberZeus Corporation, Inc technologies include