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Fisma Auditor

Our cost-competitive FISMA Auditor assessment and advisory framework help you meet your FISMA authorization. The process, based on the control selection for the level of impact system provided, closely follows the NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF). From controls mapping of various environments, to documentation development for a system security plan (SSP), to security testing and plan of action and milestones (POA&M) management, we can do it all. Our FISMA Auditor Framework can help you: Effectively manage risk by integrating security into current and future architectures. Implement a comprehensive and secure compliance program by developing a strategic roadmap. Maintain high assurance that required policies, documentation, and procedures meet compliance standards. Understand the requirements to prepare or assess your solution for FISMA compliance. Meet stringent compliance standards and ensure that a comprehensive framework exists for security and risk management.

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Best Compliance Platform

Apply compliance automation for intelligence in a unified security and threat management platform.

Cloudvisory Security Solution

Cloud Ready Solution

Intelligent compliance based cloud ready management and workload.

Guided Compliance Plan

Provides comprehensive defense and protection plan from common threats by following simple compliance rules set.

Mail Exchange Security

Detects mail based cyber attacks and blocks the most dangerous threats by following simple compliance rules set.

On Demand Compliance

A compliance service that is delivered maximum workflow, analytics, data repositories for organizations and individuals.

Forensics Security

Provides visibility and protection simply by following Compliance rules set in guided security plan as provided by Department of Defense(DoD).

FUlly Managed Cloud Infrastructure

Our FISMA Auditor Framework in Cloud offers fully managed cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model allowing customers control over their hosted applications in fully managed environment tempered for cloud with security infrastructure. As part of our framework is fully compatible in cloud, all of clouds resources including network bandwidth, vCPU, disk and memory resources and rapid elasticity on an as needed basis commensurate automatically with Fisma Auditor Framework. To comply with demanding government Assessment and Authorization (A&A) process requirements, our FISMA Framework is fully compliant with infrastructure related technical, operational and management controls referenced in NIST Special Publication 800-53 Revision 4 low, moderate and high risk baselines, as well as additional FedRAMP and agency-specific enhanced guidance.

Cyber Zeus - Fisma Auditor : Model and Capabilities

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