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Cyberzeus Penetration Testing

Security for your Web Applications and Networks

Cyber Zeus Penetration Testing is the most advanced real-time Pen-Testing Suite which simulates Red and Blue teams by manual or automated executions that helps to provide real results and expose security vulnerabilities for patching.

We perform custom-tailored web application and network penetration tests focusing on identifying exploitable vulnerabilities and supporting remediation of issues (before cybercriminals reach there).

Our pen tests are designed to fulfill clients’ specific needs, technology, and budget requirements- conducting comprehensive tests for a wide range of organizations. We initiate a combination of both manual and automation testing tactics to keep pace with the consistently changing methodologies of cybercriminals.

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  • Powerful Protection from
       Zero-day Vulnerabilities

    Cyber Zeus Penetration Testing Technology is a modern framework that helps in identifying any common threat, unknown, or programming mistakes as defined by OWASP. It supports critical infrastructures whose assets, systems, and networks, whether physical or virtual, are considered most sensitive within the organization. Cyber Zeus Penetration Testing find and assist in protecting threats in a web application, networks, and web firewalls.

  • Highly Efficient in Finding Threats

    Cyber Zeus Penetration Testing helps for the time needed for initial evidence collection, provides supreme telemetry analysis, and maximizes the automation of threat analysis processes, cutting overall response times from hours to minutes. The solution enables advanced threat discovery across any defined server or workstation giving a complete view of history for investigative and regulatory purposes. It also provides timestamp data during an attack.

  • Highly Efficient in Handling Compliance

    Recognizing the importance of TTP analysis in complex threat attack simulation and the role of MITRE ATT&CK in the security market today:

    Cyber Zeus Penetration Testing follows a security rule set by MITRE ATT&CK Evaluation Scenarios, which enables organizations without a sophisticated red team to still execute the attack simulation, carefully analyzing threats.

Use Case

Organizations that look for compliance based protection solutions for defeating vulnerabilities and exploitable services in their networks, servers and workstations environment Cyber Zeus Penetration Testing help IT security experts in finding vulnerabilities and protecting system to maximum.

In Use

Cyber Zeus: Security Suites Application Comparison

  cyberzeus Penetration Testing S1np3r Zap Professional Community Nipper OpenVas Community Support Center Service
Small Size Infrastucture
 Deployment Type  Cloud or On-Premises  On-Premises  Cloud or On-Premises  Cloud or On-Premises  On-Premises  Cloud or On-Premises
Vulnerability Scanning & Assessment  
Scan Scheduling  
Compliance Checks
Malware Detection  
Threat Intelligence  
Web Application Scanning  
SCADA Plugins  
Sensitive Data Searches  
PCI Internal Vulnerability Scanning  
PCI Extneral Vulnerability Scanning (ASV Certified)          
Medium Size Infrastucture
Elastic Licensing Based on Assets, Not IP Addresses          
Container Image Vulnerability Assessment, Malware Detection, & Continuous Monitoring        
Container Image Policy Enforcement          
Private Container Registry “Built for Security”          
Basic Reporting and Static Dashboards    
Customizable Reporting & Dashboards    
Centralized Scan & Scan Policy Management  
Scan Resource Sharing    
Group and Role-Based Access    
Mobile Device Management Integration  
Patch Management System Integration  
Credential Management System Integration  
Agent-based Scanning  
Assurance Report Cards      
Trouble Ticketing & Tracking        
Dynamic Asset Lists with Policy-Based Grouping        
Role-Based Scan Zone and Repository Access        
Near Real-Time Asset Discovery and Continuous Network Traffic Profiling        
Host Activity Monitoring and Analytics        
Near Real-Time Anomalous Behavior Detection and Analysis        

cyberzeus Penetration Testing Sophisticated Threat Hunting Technology

Advanced threat hunting and discovery technology that help SOC teams to deal with security challenges:

  • Scan

    Slow threat hunting and discovery leading to session splicing technique for real time intruder attack

  • Scan

    Attacks on the supply chain as well as from trusted sources can easily penetrate the corporate perimeter

  • Scan

    A lack of centralized, correlated context hinders visibility and can allow incidents to go undetected by corporate security

  • Scan

    Non-malware attacks, like social engineering and credentials theft, are hidden from traditional security solutions which rely on malicious pattern detection

  • Scan

    Manual or non-specialized IT-related responses to issues like reimaging, blacklisting, broken connections, etc. as a result of an cyber crime activity

  • Scan

    Highly motivated cybercriminal gangs use unique and previously unknown methods against enterprises protected by traditional, widely used prevention technologies